Project Q

Building community, raising awareness and amassing funding for LGBTQIA Homeless Youth

How do you build community, raise awareness and amass funding for issues affecting LGBTQIA Homeless Youth?
The solution is Project Q – a brand designed to showcase the experiences of Madin Lopez, a queer non-binary hairstylist seeking to build a mobile hair salon and establish a non-profit helping a demographic in crisis.

Our strategy for the Project Q brand and campaign was built on key research about homelessness, traumas affecting LGBTQIA Youth, related social and health complications, and studies rooted in familial conflicts, abandonment and renouncement.

The project unfolded and manifested in a range of endeavors, from logo design to website design, graphic slogans, sticker bombings, a video campaign and a mobile trailer as a self-esteem building space.

Since the launch of Project Q, Madin Lopez has realized the financial goal needed to procure and build a mobile work station, and a brick and mortar salon, serving over 700 free haircuts to LGBTQIA Youth annually.

Client: Madin Lopez
Our Role: Brand Development and Strategy, Identity Design, Architecture, Graphic Design, Print Design.

project q identity and logo design
project q tank design
project q reel introduction and explanation
project q website image
project q sketchbook logo design process
project q website image