La Louma

This design is an ode to Rebel Girls all over the world!!

Lauren is a super talented, multi-instrumentalist, singer, and producer based in Los Angeles, making her debut as La Louma with her new album, ‘Let the World Be Flooded Out’. Her work explores many subject matters through her classical training and DIY queer punk approach. She is also co-founder of Bitchwave, a queer woman-ran label that’s just about to launch its first album from La Louma.

Kicking off the project, it was essential to listen to the album several times to understand the intention and the ideas that informed the music. There was important attention and respect given to the details and well-crafted instrumentation, the layering of the vocals, the emotional drive behind the lyrics, the memorable beats and the changes in timing. Through this listening process, and several conversations, we extracted a few key concepts such as dualism, movement and layering.

It became apparent that La Louma was more than just the music itself — it is a call to action, it is about movement, it is energy and passion, it is emotional struggles overcome and years of dedication captured. Our strategy became to display emotions with clear imagery, embrace androgyny and queer visibility, and encompass community forming ideas.

The overall design aims to capture the vulnerability of emotions, the drive for spontaneity and fearlessness found in her work. The idea that we can be sensitive and strong at the same time. The fact that visibility is important, to see people that look like you and know you have a place in the world. The reality that bad-ass women are making inspiring work and together we can realize our dreams.

Visit La Louma’s website to purchase and have a listen: Let The World Be Flooded Out

Client: Lauren Ross
Our Role: Identity Design, Graphic Design, Creative Strategy, Photography

La Louma Cover image