Black Goddess Within

Black is beautiful, powerful and divine.

In response to the historical vilification of the black body, we set out to design a different conversation, through the creation of images of Goddesses from all over Africa to change the narrative of Black Bodies, Black Women and Black People. By illustrating the divinity, power, and purpose inherent in each of us, we created and distributed positive, inspiring images for younger generations and the world around us.

Our strategy was to take a group of Black Women through a process of transformation, meeting the Goddess Within them, and turning this into a Goddess image. These Goddess images were given an aura of magic, medicine, and mysticism to inspire and provide images of positivity and change.

The project culminated with an oracle deck and comprised a research phase, design and production, a three-day retreat and a gallery opening. The deck is 13 cards, 7 goddess cards and 6 concept cards, inspired by the wisdom found in the cultures, geographies, and Goddesses of Africa.

Nearly all human communication is nonverbal. Symbols, signs, and images carry much of our cultural and social information. Through repeated use, these symbols, signs and images, take on meaning that become normalized. By distributing these images worldwide — through social media, oracle decks, installations, exhibits and lectures– we add another voice to the conversation around the Black Body,
ultimately normalizing the humanity in that which for so long has been animalized and vilified.

Client: Giavanni Washington, Ph.D, MPH
Our Role: Brand Development and Strategy, Post Production, Graphic Design, Print Design.

black goddess within card deck in box