Temaquixtiliztli Art Exhibit 7/20/19

San Salvador, C.A. ”

I am honored and grateful to exhibit at the 2019 Chévere Event hosted by Salvies Who Lunch on Saturday July 20, 2019 from 2-6pm at the Los Angeles LGBT Center.

All proceeds of sold artwork will be donated to the Los Angeles LGBT Center and Organizations working with immigrant families of El Salvador.


Narcisa Barrera Zavaleta b. 1915
Silkscreen on Canvas 24in. X 36in. Detail Image Shown.

The art is a personal illustration of three-generations of womxn in my family born in El Salvador, San Salvador, capturing 104 years of history from 1915 – 2019. Lxs mujerxs ilustradxs son mi Abuelita Narcissa, mi Tia Teresa de Jesus y yo misma (Lilliana Castro).  

Teresa de Jesus Castro Barrera b. 1941
Silkscreen on Canvas 24in. X 36in. Detail Image Shown.

This artwork holds space for the important roles womxn have had in my upbringing, my immigration journey to the United States, the efforts and sacrifices of those who held positions in the FMLN to pave the way for liberation. The artwork serves as high contrast to the lack of womxn rights in El Salvador, as it continues to be a country with very restrictive womxn opportunities and continues to reinforce traditional gender roles as a means to control us. 

Lilliana Carolina Castro b. 1983
Silkscreen on Canvas 24in. X 36in. Detail Image Shown.

The canvas materials used represent the fertile soil and the coffee crop exploitation of the country. The illustration patterns represent the U.S. contribution to the Civil War conflict and socioeconomic inequalities. The color red is in solidarity for all those who fought in the FMLN movement, for the 75,000+ people killed and 1.5 million people displaced from El Salvador. The words range from Nahuatl to Spanish to English, which shapes my cultural identity.